Different Types of Carpet Materials

Carpet is one of the coziest flooring materials you can choose from. It is soft and provides cushioning for your feet. There are also several varieties of carpet to choose from. The type you choose will depend on the room it is going in. With so many choices available, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your selection. Here is a breakdown of all of the different types of carpeting and their best uses:

Cut Pile

Cut pile is a durable carpet that is comprised of dense tufts and twisting yarn. There are five styles to choose from:

  • Plush – Sometimes called velvet cut pile, it has short, tightly-packed fibres that feel luxurious under your feet.
  • Textures – The fibres in this style of carpet are less dense than most and have varying heights. Its textured look can hide dirt well, but it is not ideal for areas with high traffic.
  • Cable – This style has heavy, thick, and long fibres to make it more comfortable to walk on.
  • Saxony – One of the most popular styles out there, Saxony is made of single strands that stand upright to create a fuzzy surface. It can get crushed by furniture, feet, and vacuuming though, making it impractical for high traffic areas.
  • Frieze – Features long, twisting fibres that give it a more casual appearance. It can disguise footprints and other marks well that show up more easily on different carpet types. Despite that advantage, it is still better off in low traffic areas of your home.

Loop Pile

The tips of fibre on loop pile carpets are uncut, making the tips visible and give a casual look. It is considered an all-purpose carpet because of its durable construction. There are three styles to choose from:

  • Berber – Colour flecks in the fibre can hide some dirt in this style, but the short length of the threads can make the seams visible. Its short, looped fibres make it ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Cut and loop – This style is the combination of loop pile fibres and cut pile. Its variant texture makes it ideal for high traffic areas as it can hide dirt and stains well.
  • Patterned multi-level loop – The loops in this carpet have varying heights to create a pattern or textured look.

Fibre Carpet

The look, feel, durability, and cost of fibre carpet will vary depending on the type of fibre used to make it. These are the most popular types:

  • Wool – This natural fibre is one of the most expensive fibre carpet options. It can resistant stains moderately, is non-allergy inducing, and naturally fire retardant. It is an excellent choice for any room.
  • Nylon – The most used fibre for carpet. It is exceptionally durable, retains its texture, and is resistant to abrasion. There are a variety of colours to choose from in various styles and textures that are even pet-friendly.
  • Polyester – This material is resistant to water-soluble stains and offers superior colour clarity. It is both sturdy and soft. There are even some polyester fibres made from recycled plastic bottles for those wanting to make the environmentally-friendly choice.
  • Polypropylene – Also called Olefin, this material’s colour is built into the fibre during the manufacturing process. That means it will resist fading even when exposed to bleach or intense sunlight.
  • Triexta – This fibre is relatively new to the industry and is incredibly durable and stain-resistant while still being soft. It is a practical choice for busy homes with pets.

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