Get Moths and Bugs Out of Your Rugs

There’s a lot to look forward to over the summer but bugs are certainly not among them. Yet, you can’t escape the little creatures invading your home and ruining your beautiful wool rugs. Wool rugs are indeed special. Keep them in good condition and they can last you for decades. Handwoven with intricate care, they need to be looked after well to serve you for the length of time they were meant for, but delicate wool rugs are destroyed easily. Bugs can transform your valuable possession in a just a few months. To revive the rugs, you first need to know where the bugs lurk, hunt them out, destroy them, and make sure they never crawl back again.

How to Spot Bug Damage

Check Unwashed Rugs in Storage Rooms: If you use your rugs through the year, you may find bugs lurking under the carpet and furniture. Moths and beetles love to nibble in these dark, moist places to fill their bellies. If your rug is rolled away in a dark corner of a storage room, you may be in more trouble. This is where bugs breed because they can feast undisturbed by intrusive humans. They eat away the fibre of your once beautiful living room centrepiece, bit by bit. If you see white patches on your rug, you could be walking into a network of moth larvae. Get your rugs cleaned with protective treatment before you store them. Never wrap wool rugs in plastic or mildew will set in.

Look Under the Sofas: Carpet beetles lurk under sofas where vacuum cleaners don’t go. If your rug covers even part of the area underneath the sofas, you’re done. For all you know, they could be nibbling away the rug too. Flip it over to check for signs of bug activity. Call our professionals at Shenasi Carpet at once to get rid of the culprits, their feces and eggs. If your home is infested with pests, you will need to call a pest control company too.

Surface Damage: Rug damage on the surface is easier to spot, but sometimes, camouflaged worms are not visible. If you see bald patches, dents and holes, you know they’ve been there. Sometimes the cotton foundation fibres are ruined. Check under the rug immediately. There could be bigger damages underneath. Sometimes the damage is in the initial stages and appear as moth casings that occur just before the larvae hatches, or tiny cocoons that hang from the threads. Call a pest control specialist and then our professionals at Shenasi Carpet before they do further damage.

How Your Rugs Attract the Bugs

Carpet beetles, termites and silverfish feast on wool for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all meal times in between. They are attracted by the smell of stale food bits on your carpet. Clean up food and drink spills without delay. Once the residue disintegrates into the fibres, it’s hard to do a thorough job, even if you use a vacuum cleaner. We recommend that you get wool rugs professionally cleaned every year or two. If the rugs are used more intensively or if you have a pet, you can get your carpet cleaned every six months to a year. Pet urine or feces can ruin rugs for good. They can damage the rug’s dye and texture. Bugs are attracted to the foul smell and invite their friends over for dinner, damaging the rug in no time.

Get Professional Rug Cleaning Help from Shenasi Carpet, Vancouver

Call us for a job well done. We make your old rug as beautiful as new, restore damaged Persian and Oriental carpets and keep them protected from bugs with our expert knowledge in the field.

Since 1979, Shenasi Carpet Limited has been serving Greater Vancouver. Visit our knowledgeable staff in our spacious showroom that offers over 4,000 beautiful rugs for sale. Call us to schedule annual carpet washes so they last you in good condition for decades more.

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