How Often Should I Have My Oriental Area Rug Cleaned?

How often should you clean your oriental area rug may be a tricky question. Rugs form an intrinsic element of your overall home decor, and it is only natural to want to have a clean and well-maintained rug, just the way we dust and wipe our other furnishings. Though having a clean and fresh smelling rug is a dream come true, when it comes to the maintenance, it can be confusing to figure out what is too much or too less. Though rugs do not necessarily need cleaning every day, like mopping and sweeping, it is best to plan a rug cleaning as part of your monthly cleaning chore.

Especially in this weather as snow and dirt tend to enter our homes through our jackets and boots from outside, it is important to observe your oriental rugs and incorporate a few extra cleaning cycles if needed, to conserve the beauty and quality of your prized possession.

Beautiful antique oriental rugs are somewhat delicate and require articulate cleaning and maintenance. Among many rug materials, wool and silk rugs are the most exquisite. With proper care, they are believed to last for several generations and can be passed as a legacy. One of the easiest ways is to vacuum your rug often. You can try to keep the frequency as one or two times a week, depending on the kind of dirt or grime it is exposed to. Use a soft-bristled beater bar attachment and let the bristles make very indirect contact with the tips of the rug face yarns. The beater bar attachment is designed to vibrate the small fibres and helps to shake off the dirt and get the vacuum to suck it. The way its cuticles are designed, they push dirt to the surface when they rub against each other, making vacuuming dirt super easy.

As wool is opaque, it can hold a large amount of dirt before it starts to look dirty. Some woollen rugs are believed to have the capacity of up to a pound of dirt per square foot before the dirt even starts to become visible! Due to their unique characteristic, many times rugs are often not adequately cleaned.

Cleaning a rug may sound like you only need to vacuum it. Of course, it is critical, but ensuring deep cleaning is imperative as discussed. Hiring a rug cleaning professional will help you to maintain and care for your rug correctly. With an annual cleaning contract, you may not even have to worry about how often you need to clean your rug. Professionals from reputed rug companies like Shenasi Carpet can provide you with the best recommendations and cleaning routines as per the traffic and soiling of your rug. It is a great idea to have your rugs cleaned, washed and dried professionally especially for the antique and expensive ones which you intend to pass on as a legacy to your next generations.

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