Cleaning Pine Needles Off Your Rug

No one wants to get down on their hands and needs and meticulously pick up every single pine needle that shed from their Christmas tree. Especially the breadcrumb trail of needles left from taking the tree out to the curb once the holidays are over. There are various cleanup methods to help avoid banged up knees and an aching back; giving you more time to enjoy the remainder of your holiday break instead of spending it picking up pine needles.

Vacuuming is a great method to get up a majority of the pine needles from your carpet. Before you vacuum, though, you need to clean out the bag or canister. Having a bag or canister full to the brim means two things: there isn’t enough room for pine needles to go in, and suction is very limited. Once you do this it will be significantly easier to get the pine needles out of your carpet or off of your floor.

It can be difficult to get every annoying little pine needle up off the floor, especially a carpet, when using a brush attachment. Pine needles have a stick habit (not only because of their sap) of getting stuck inside brush bristles, clogging up the vacuum and making your job harder. Use the vacuum hose rather than a brush. This gives you a fighting chance against the hundreds of pine needles scattered all over your house.

Pine Sap

One reality of a beautiful, natural pine tree is that it leaks sap. When pine needles shed, sap at the tip of the pine needle, and sap from where pine needles get repeatedly stomped underfoot can get just about everywhere. One way to loosen up this mess, and make it possible to vacuum up pine needles, is to use dry foam carpet shampoo, or baking soda in a pinch, to nullify sap. Doing this overnight can save you headaches, and keep your carpet looking new.

Sometimes a regular vacuum is just not enough. If you have tried everything and it seems that you’re going to have to start collecting pine needles, one at a time, on your hands and knees, then you may want to head to the nearest hardware store. You can rent industrial vacuums from most hardware stores, such as a shop vac, for a very competitive price. These vacuums are superheroes when it comes to clean-up, and pine needles will be no match for them.

Once a majority of the pine needles have been cleared away, one trick for picking up those pesky little pieces of broken pine needles is to use a lint roller or duct tape, wrapped sticky side out around your hand. After doing this, your carpet should be pine needle-free. If there is still sappy residue left over once you’ve cleaned up all the pine needles, however, leaving a dry carpet shampoo on overnight should get the last of it up.

Pine needles from Christmas decorations can be a headache once the season is over, but with the right set of tools, you can get rid of them, without picking them up one at a time on your hands and knees.

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