Do You Really Need A Rug Pad?

Having a beautiful rug in your home adds style, comfort, and warmth. You want to do everything you can to keep that rug in great condition, as well as protect you and your home. This is why you need a rug underlay for your area rugs. Whether you have wool rugs, Persian rugs, synthetic rugs, or oriental rugs, it does not matter; all rug types can benefit from rug underlays. Here are the top five reasons to use a rug pad!

1. Comfort

Rugs are sometimes quite thin, and when they are placed on hardwood floors, they do not add as much comfort as you would like them to. Putting padding underneath a rug is a great way to add that comfort to your rug, especially if it is in a high traffic area, such as your front hall or if you are using it in the kitchen to make cooking dinners much more comfortable.

2. Sound Reduction

Similarly, when rugs are in high traffic areas and on hardwood floors, you can often hear people tromping across them. Having a pad underneath your rug will help keep that noise to a minimum, so no one will have to creep across them while other people in the house are trying to rest quietly.

3. Traction

While rugs are beautiful and add so much style to a space, they can be a little bit dangerous unless they are adequately secured. It’s practically a trope in movies and television to have characters glide on rugs across polished wood floors, both accidentally and on purpose. Using a rug underlay will drastically reduce the chances of someone stepping on the rug wrong and having an accident. Rug underlays are not just about comfort; they are about safety as well.

4. Wear and Tear

Many rugs are of the hardback variety. When these rugs are put onto hardwood floors, they can grind against the floor which causes premature ageing of the carpet. Using a rug underlay will add longevity to your rug and keep you from having to pay expensive refurbishing if your rug does suffer wear and tear. All this protection by just using a simple rug pad surely means that a rug pad pays for itself over time. If your rug is on a carpet, it can also protect against colour transfer between the two, which will protect your carpet. It is a fantastic investment.

5. Cleanliness

When you vacuum a rug, there needs to be an aerated area between the rug and the floor, if there is not then the vacuum cannot do its job properly, and it will not suck up the same level of dust and debris. Using a rug pad will make cleaning a breeze. Rug pads also keep things like mould and mildew from building up under the rug, as it helps keep moisture from building up.

The Case for Rug Underlays

The team at Shenasi Carpet want you to have a beautiful rug that suits your home, but also want you to have it for years to come. A rug underlay will keep your rug and carpets safe, as well as you. Come in today, and we’ll show you our fantastic selection of rugs and help you pick the right rug and underlay for your home.

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