The Different Styles of Area Rugs

Are you looking for an area rug to blend perfectly with the decor of your living room or bedroom, but are overwhelmed with all the choices? Well for starters, understanding all the different area rug styles will help you to determine which one best suits the style of your home. Within each style, there’s still a lot of variation to go through before you can find the perfect one. This guide will help you get started on your area rug adventure by telling you the ins and outs of the various styles available on the market.

Traditional Rugs

Also known as an oriental rug, this is the first style that comes to mind when someone asks about area rugs. Authentic traditional area rugs are from Asia and Europe. Asian styles are usually woven in Persia, China and India, while European ones are created in Spain and Turkey. Persian rugs typically feature vines, flowers and scrollwork detailing. All traditional area rugs have an inner border composed of intricate patterns.

Modern Rugs

This style is perfect as a neutral design feature, as the rug can include little to no detailing. Sound boring? Not if you want other aspects of the room to shine, as other types of area rugs can definitely overpower decor elements.

Casual Rugs

Casual area rugs offer a relaxing feel to any room with its various compositions. There are several different combinations of themes, colours and patterns that can compose a casual area rug. Again, its purpose isn’t to overpower a room or become the focal point. Casual rugs can also be one solid colour or have a simple design. Floral, tropical and shag carpets are considered to be a casual rug.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary area rugs can have two different effects on a room, depending on the patterning your choose. They can either be a statement piece for your living space or create a nice background for modern decor. Either way, these area rugs are usually comprised of bold colours and unusual shapes in a loop-pile weave. Contemporary area rugs are just as popular as traditional ones, thanks to the various design options that are available.

Transitional Rugs

Another popular choice, transitional area rugs combine the styles of traditional and contemporary to create a trendy design that still has some old-world charm sprinkled throughout. Some transitional rugs have a muted colour scheme with traditional patterning, while others contain distressed-like vines and scrollwork. This area rug brings interest and warmth to a room without stealing the focus from other aspects of the space.

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