When Oriental Rugs Meet Hardwood Floors

Putting a carpet underlay underneath your oriental rug is a great idea. Safety is a huge factor in why you should get a carpet underlay, as it will help keep your carpet from slipping and sliding on the floor when people walk over the top of it, which can save people, especially little ones, from falling. Underlays can also keep your carpet from wearing down, improve comfort, and add insulation. When you have an Oriental rug meet a hardwood floor though, what type of underlay is best?

Carpet Tape

Carpet tape is not really an underlay. It is a very inexpensive, double-sided tape that you can attach to your carpet to stick it to the floor. Carpet tape is not a good choice though, even though it is the most inexpensive option. It can end up getting stuck to your floor and ruining its finish, but with intricate oriental rugs you may end up destroying the rug! The adhesive bits can end up tugging out the intricate knots.

Plastic Carpet Underlay

Plastic carpet underlays that are not made of quality materials can end up causing a lot of problems, even though they do keep your carpet from slipping around. They can end up off-gassing and may leave sticky, waffle-patterns on your hardwood floor. Check to see if a plastic underlay was made using PVC or if it was treated with adhesives and avoid those ones. PVC underlays also have a habit of sticking to themselves and can end up leaving you with a bumpy feeling underneath your carpet.

Natural Rubber Underlay

A natural rubber underlay performs similarly to a plastic underlay, but it is safe to use with hardwood and rugs. It is also a more eco-friendly option than plastic pads and does not “off-gas” which is what ends up eating away at a floor’s natural finishes. Rubber underlays are non-slip, natural, and will not stain your floor. They also do not stick to rugs as tape does, so they will not damage your beautiful oriental rug.

Felt Rubber Pad

A felt and rubber pad is the best option if you are looking for something that is non-slip that will also help with insulating your home. The extra layer will keep your home insulated and will help keep noise levels down, as it is one more layer between stomping feet and a hardwood floor.

If you go with a good quality rug underlay, then you will end up protecting your rug and hardwood throughout their lifespans. Even if you have a larger rug and it is anchored down by furniture, a good underlay acts as an insulator and helps protect the bottom of your carpet from wear and tear that it would otherwise go through.

If you are looking for a rug underlay for your Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, or area rugs, then you need to come to Shenasi Carpet. We have a great selection of different underlays that will help protect your rug and keep you from any slips and falls.

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